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The Geograph Team

These are some of the amazing people who help out with the running of the Geograph Project...
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DS Pugh's Gravatar DS Pugh Mark Anderson's Gravatar Mark Anderson Peter Facey's Gravatar Peter Facey Andrew Smith's Gravatar Andrew Smith Tiger's Gravatar Tiger Mike Parker's Gravatar Mike Parker Christine Matthews's Gravatar Christine Matthews Dave Thompson's Gravatar Dave Thompson Richard Humphrey's Gravatar Richard Humphrey Oast House Archive's Gravatar Oast House Archive Graham Horn's Gravatar Graham Horn John S Turner's Gravatar John S Turner Alan Murray-Rust's Gravatar Alan Murray-Rust Tim Glover's Gravatar Tim Glover Roger  Kidd's Gravatar Roger Kidd Chris Downer's Gravatar Chris Downer Evelyn Simak's Gravatar Evelyn Simak Alan Longbottom's Gravatar Alan Longbottom Stephen McKay's Gravatar Stephen McKay Barry Hunter's Gravatar Barry Hunter Richard Webb's Gravatar Richard Webb Paul Gillett's Gravatar Paul Gillett David Purchase's Gravatar David Purchase Philip Halling's Gravatar Philip Halling Stephen Craven's Gravatar Stephen Craven Russel Wills's Gravatar Russel Wills David Martin's Gravatar David Martin Graham Robson's Gravatar Graham Robson Gary Rogers's Gravatar Gary Rogers Penny Mayes's Gravatar Penny Mayes Paul Dixon's Gravatar Paul Dixon Mick Garratt's Gravatar Mick Garratt Gordon Brown's Gravatar Gordon Brown Christine Johnstone's Gravatar Christine Johnstone Graham Hogg's Gravatar Graham Hogg Gerald England's Gravatar Gerald England Robin Stott's Gravatar Robin Stott Mike Quinn's Gravatar Mike Quinn Michael Dibb's Gravatar Michael Dibb Rob Farrow's Gravatar Rob Farrow Ruth Sharville's Gravatar Ruth Sharville Geographer's Gravatar Geographer Nigel Cox's Gravatar Nigel Cox Bob Harvey's Gravatar Bob Harvey Hugh Venables's Gravatar Hugh Venables Oliver Dixon's Gravatar Oliver Dixon Anne Burgess's Gravatar Anne Burgess

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The following members have also helped out in various capacities previously...

Richard Croft's Gravatar Richard Croft Colin Grice's Gravatar Colin Grice John Allan's Gravatar John Allan Katy Walters's Gravatar Katy Walters Linda Bailey's Gravatar Linda Bailey Dave Dunford's Gravatar Dave Dunford Lynne Kirton's Gravatar Lynne Kirton Maurice Pullin's Gravatar Maurice Pullin Tony Atkin's Gravatar Tony Atkin David Morris's Gravatar David Morris Bill Nicholls's Gravatar Bill Nicholls kevin rothwell's Gravatar kevin rothwell Jonathan Billinger's Gravatar Jonathan Billinger Steve  Fareham's Gravatar Steve Fareham Mike Pennington's Gravatar Mike Pennington Andy F's Gravatar Andy F David Hawgood's Gravatar David Hawgood Rob Burke's Gravatar Rob Burke David P Howard's Gravatar David P Howard Simon Carey's Gravatar Simon Carey Elaine Hamby's Gravatar Elaine Hamby Rudi Winter's Gravatar Rudi Winter Rossographer's Gravatar Rossographer Kate Jewell's Gravatar Kate Jewell michael ely's Gravatar michael ely Fractal Angel's Gravatar Fractal Angel Jonathan Kington's Gravatar Jonathan Kington David Lally's Gravatar David Lally

- Founder : Started the project back in 2005! - Developer : Writes code and keeps the site running - Company Director : Makes sure the company is working to further the project - Moderator : Checks new submissions for unsuitable material and faciliates updates to images - Complaints Resolution : Liaises with landowners and other parties in case of disputes - PoTY Coordinator : Organizes the weekly photo competition - Forum Moderator : Keeps the discussion forum in check - Documentation Writer : Create pages to help site users find their way around the site - Moderator Coordinator : Central point of contact for communication between moderators - Support Representative : Answers questions submitted via Contact Us -

Company directors, and their specializations (if any) are listed on the About Geograph page.