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The building is Grade II Listed as late 18th century but reputably the location of an Inn dating back to 1550. Since at least 1830 there has been a hive of South African bees in a lime tree above the pub's sign. Its bees produce an average of 30lbs of honey every year. The wooden painted sign with its inscription used to hang between the tree and the building but is now safely housed and displayed in Grantham Museum and replaced with a sign that reads "Stop traveller this wonderous sign explore and say when thou hast view'd it o'er and o'er. Now Grantham now two rarities are thine, a lofty steeple and a living sign"
by Jo Turner
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SK9135 : The Beehive Inn 10-11 Castlegate by Jo Turner
SK9135 : The Beehive Inn 10-11 Castlegate by Jo Turner
SK9135 : The Beehive Inn 10-11 Castlegate by Jo Turner
SK9135 : Inn sign with a difference by Alan Murray-Rust
SK9135 : The Beehive, Castlegate, Grantham by Alan Murray-Rust

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