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The Salvation Army is a Christian charitable organisation organised in a quasi-military structure. The organisation reports worldwide membership of over 1.5 million, consisting of soldiers, officers and adherents known as Salvationists. Its founders William and Catherine Booth sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their "physical and spiritual needs".
The Army was founded in 1865 in London by one-time Methodist minister William Booth.
by N Chadwick
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SX5455 : Salvation Army, Plympton by N Chadwick
TL4965 : Salvation Army, Waterbeach by N Chadwick
SW4730 : Salvation Army Citadel, Queen St by N Chadwick
TQ6648 : The Salvation Army, East Peckham by N Chadwick
SU4767 : Sally Ann's, Northcroft Lane, Newbury by Jaggery
SZ9399 : The Salvation Army Charity Shop in Queensway by Basher Eyre
TQ3986 : The Salvation Army, Leytonstone by N Chadwick
TQ3386 : Abney Park Cemetery - Monument to General William Booth  & Catherine Booth by N Chadwick
TQ5939 : Salvation Army by N Chadwick
TR1457 : Salvation Army, Jewry St by N Chadwick
SU4767 : Salvation Army Foodbank, Northcroft Lane, Newbury by Jaggery
TQ2574 : Salvation Army Hall, Ram Street, Wandsworth by PAUL FARMER
SU9643 : Salvation Army building in Mint Street by Basher Eyre
TL4657 : The Salvation Army, Tenison Rd by N Chadwick
TQ5939 : Salvation Army, Bayhall Rd by N Chadwick
NT2673 : Salvation Army Building, Pleasance by N Chadwick
ST0743 : The Salvation Army Church, Watchet by N Chadwick
TA0929 : Salvation Army, Beverley Rd by N Chadwick
TQ4875 : The Salvation Army by N Chadwick
ST2994 : Salvation Army Church closed until further notice, Cwmbran by Jaggery
ST6143 : Old Magistrates Court, Shepton Mallet by Jaggery
SU8693 : The Salvation Army by N Chadwick
SU1504 : Salvation Army, Ringwood by Malc McDonald
SU8693 : The Salvation Army Shop by N Chadwick
TQ5939 : Sunset Lodge & Charles Court by N Chadwick

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