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At one time Banbury had many crosses (The High Cross, The Bread Cross and The White Cross), but these were destroyed by Puritans on 26 July 1600. Banbury remained without a cross for more than 250 years until the current Banbury Cross was erected in 1859 at the centre of the town to commemorate the marriage of Victoria, Princess Royal (eldest child of Queen Victoria) to Prince Frederick of Prussia. The current Banbury Cross is a stone, spire-shaped monument decorated in Gothic form. Statues of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V were added in 1914 to commemorate the coronation of George V. The cross is fifty-two feet six inches (16 metres) high, and topped by a gilt cross LinkExternal link.
by Paul Gillett
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SP4540 : Banbury Cross by Paul Gillett
SP4540 : Banbury Cross by Gerald England
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SP4540 : Banbury Cross by Paul Gillett
SP4540 : Banbury Cross by Stephen McKay

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