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Despite its riverside location, this fine mill on the Great Ouse was never water-powered, but always a steam mill. It appears to have been built between about 1853 and 1861, for the production of oil cake for cattle feed. The location would have been chosen as adjacent to Godmanchester Station allowing easy transit for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.
The mill was noted as closed in 1911, but there are reports that it had been used for making army uniforms during the Boer War, and it was again put to this use during the First World War. It then became idle again before being purchased by a London firm of hosiery manufacturers, Klinger Stern in 1924. It had passed out of their ownership to a local businessman, C.W.Plumpton just two years later, but the Klinger Stern name can still be made out on the western facade of the building.
The final stage in the history of the mills starts in the early 1980s. The hosiery business had ceased in 1972, with the building again becoming empty, but in 1983 it was bought by a firm of builders and conversion into apartments began. Due to the building being Grade II Listed, the conversion has had to include minimal adjustment to the exterior, the provision of balconies being one of the most obvious changes.
Information about the mill is derived from the excellent website of the local Porch Museum LinkExternal link
by Alan Murray-Rust
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TL2471 : Riverside Mill by N Chadwick
TL2471 : Riverside Mill by N Chadwick
TL2471 : Great Ouse in flood at Huntingdon Bridge  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2471 : Riverside Mill by N Chadwick
TL2471 : Riverside Mill, Godmanchester  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2471 : Riverside Mill by N Chadwick
TL2471 : Writing on the wall, Godmanchester Mill  by Alan Murray-Rust

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