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The 2012 performance of The York Mystery Plays returned to the ruins of St Mary's Abbey in the Museum Gardens, where it was performed by a cast of 250 local amateur performers and 2 professional actors (Ferdinand Kingsley playing God/Jesus and Graeme Hawley playing Satan).
This is the first large-scale production since the Millennium Mystery Plays which took place in York Minster in 2000. The last production in the Museum Gardens was in 1988, where they were usually performed every 3 or 4 years since the first modern revival in 1951.
Meanwhile, traditional performances on waggons around the city streets, have occurred since 1994.
See the Wikipedia article LinkExternal link for more information
If you get a chance to go, before it closes on 27 August, I can recommend it. I was enthralled. (See the production's website LinkExternal link for ticket details)
by Rich Tea
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