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The cold spell, which started well before Christmas 2009, has persisted into 2010. After a period with minimal snow, there was a heavy fall on the morning of 6 January 2010. It lasted about 2½ hours.
by Albert Bridge
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J4669 : Gravestones, St Mary's Church of Ireland by Rossographer
J3373 : Postbox, Botanic Avenue by Rossographer
H8745 : Snow on The Mall, Armagh by Dean Molyneaux
J3373 : Road gritter, Belfast by Rossographer
J3873 : Frost-covered cars, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3271 : Entry, Belfast by Rossographer
J3271 : Street sign, Marlborough Park South by Rossographer
J3271 : Postbox, Belfast by Rossographer
J3271 : Drumglass Park in the snow by Rossographer
J3271 : Marlborough Park Cross Avenue, Belfast by Rossographer
J3774 : Earlswood Grove, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3372 : Benches in the snow, Botanic Gardens by Rossographer
J3374 : Sunlight clothes the snow white plain, Belfast by Dean Molyneaux
J4569 : Glen River, Comber by Rossographer
J3874 : Ardgreenan Gardens, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
J3271 : Marlborough Park Cross Avenue, Belfast by Rossographer
J3372 : Snow, Botanic Gardens by Rossographer
J4871 : The Moat Road near Newtownards by Rossographer
J3271 : Entry, Belfast by Rossographer
J3373 : Coping with the ice, Bedford Street, Belfast by Dean Molyneaux
J3372 : A cold Lord Kelvin by Rossographer
J3271 : Nairn House (Richmond House), Belfast by Rossographer
J3974 : Netherleigh Park, Belfast by Albert Bridge
H8745 : Snow at the War Memorial, Armagh by Dean Molyneaux
J3773 : Kirkliston Park, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge

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