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The Saxon Shore Way starts at Gravesend, Kent and traces the coast as it was in the Roman times as far as Hastings in East Sussex, 163 miles (262 km) in total. The Saxon Shore Way was originally opened in 1980, but has since been re-established, and in parts re-routed and extended. It follows the coastline of the South East as it was about 1500 years ago, long before the North Kent Marshes or the Romney Marsh came into existence. The Way takes its name, The Saxon Shore, from a line of fortifications built along the coastline as it was in the 3rd Century AD.
by David Anstiss
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TR3360 : Saxon Shore Way beside River Stour by David Anstiss
TQ9118 : Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TR3141 : North Downs Way and Saxon Shore Way on Adrian Street by David Anstiss
TR1436 : Saxon Shore Way, Chesterfield Wood by N Chadwick
TQ9564 : Which Path do I Take ?! by David Anstiss
TR3442 : Gate on the Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TQ9530 : Footbridge and kissing gate on the Saxon Shore Way by David Anstiss
TR0163 : Saxon Shore Way by Oare Creek by N Chadwick
TQ7973 : Roper's Green Lane towards Hoo by David Anstiss
TR1134 : Saxon Shore Way crosses the access road to Lympne Place by David Anstiss
TQ6975 : Steps on Sea Wall by David Anstiss
TR1335 : Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TQ8968 : Saxon Shore Way off Raspberry Hill Lane by N Chadwick
TQ8868 : Saxon Shore Way through a hedge by N Chadwick
TR3241 : East Cliff by David Anstiss
TR0262 : Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TQ7668 : Saxon Shore Way on Sally Port Gardens by David Anstiss
TR3462 : Saxon Shore Way / Thanet Coastal Path by N Chadwick
TR1034 : Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TR2638 : Saxon Shore Way by N Chadwick
TR0264 : Saxon Shore Way beside the sea wall by David Anstiss
TQ8611 : Saxon Shore Way through Gorse by N Chadwick
TQ8970 : Saxon Shore Way following the Old Counter Wall by N Chadwick
TQ7476 : Saxon Shore Way by the hedge by N Chadwick
TR1335 : Saxon Shore Way past Folks' Wood by David Anstiss

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