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The Utopian Dream and the Garden City movement found its way to Wolverhampton in 1907 when Sir Arthur Paget made available 50 acres of land for an exhibition village on his Old Fallings Estate.

The site was the Fallings Park 'triangle' bounded by Cannock Road, Bushbury Road and Victoria Road which had been formed when the turnpike road took a shortened route into town.

A number of houses were erected by various builders in small courts around the edge of the triangle with a central grass area. The exhibition was held in 1908 with interest from around the country and articles in the architectural and town planning press.

Development continued until 1915 when a total of 75 properties had been constructed. After the Great War the remaining plots were taken over by the Council for new 'council housing' and whereas some may follow the court layout the majority front directly onto roads.
by John M
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SJ9200 : Fallings Park Garden Suburb - The Avenue by John M
SJ9200 : Fallings Park Garden Suburb - Victoria Road by John M
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SJ9200 : Fallings Park Garden Suburb - Cannock Road by John M
SJ9200 : Fallings Park Garden Suburb - Victoria Road by John M

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