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War memorials were mainly constructed after WWI to commemorate the troops who gave their lives in the war. Many were then updated after WWII. Some war memorials date back to the Boer War. Almost every town and village in Britain has a War Memorial. They take many forms, the commonest being an obelisk, a cross or statue of a soldier. Some commemorate the inhabitants of a place, some are for schools and others are for companies or Military groupings.
Many memorials are grade II listed, 61 are II* listed, LinkExternal link*_listed_war_memorials_in_England
& 12 are Grade I listed. LinkExternal link
A search for memorials can be carried out at LinkExternal link
by N Chadwick
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SJ1442 : War Memorial by the A5 by N Chadwick
TQ5439 : Langton Green War Memorial by N Chadwick
SO4981 : 1939-1945 war memorial within All Saints, Culmington by Basher Eyre
TR1234 : Shepway Cross by N Chadwick
TQ5578 : War Memorial, St Stephen's Church, Purfleet by N Chadwick
TQ7376 : War Memorial, Cliffe by N Chadwick
SY6879 : Weymouth D Day Port Memorial by N Chadwick
TR3241 : The Channel Dash (Operation Fuller) Memorial by N Chadwick
TQ5846 : Garden of Remembrance by N Chadwick
SS8974 : Green on a St Brides Major corner by Jaggery
O1233 : Stone of Remembrance and cross by N Chadwick
SJ8398 : Morris dancing by the Boer War memorial, St Ann's Square by N Chadwick
SX4753 : Drake Statue and Naval Memorial by N Chadwick
SU8586 : Marlow War Memorial: early September 2020 by Basher Eyre
SU8693 : War Memorial, High Wycombe by N Chadwick
NU2132 : Seahouses War Memorial by N Chadwick
TQ2879 : RAF Memorial, Green Park by N Chadwick
SJ6703 : Ironbridge - May 2018 (3) by The Carlisle Kid
SX4755 : War Memorial, Ford Park Cemetery by N Chadwick
SX1251 : Fowey War Memorial by N Chadwick
TQ5045 : War memorial, St Mary's Church by N Chadwick
NY3250 : Thursby War Memorial - (2) by The Carlisle Kid
SE3055 : Harrogate War Memorial by N Chadwick
SX4753 : The Armada Memorial by N Chadwick
TR1457 : Royal East Kent Yeomanry War Memorial by N Chadwick

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