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The disused Brownsover Arm of the Oxford Canal is still in water though too shallow for narrowboats to navigate, and I think access to it is barred (possibly by a weir) at its junction with the main Oxford Canal.
It departs from (or joins onto) the Oxford Canal at SP50767711 just south of the village of Brownsover and heads northwards terminating at Cosford, though originally I believe this formed part of the Oxford Canal itself and so would have continued on, but even the oldest maps do not show this.
This stretch of canal was retained to feed water from the River Swift, and nowadays the towpath leads into the scenic Swift Valley Nature Reserve (see LinkExternal link )
by Rob Farrow
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SP5077 : Water Lily pads on the Brownsover Arm by Rob Farrow
SP5077 : Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) on Brownsover Arm by Rob Farrow
SP5077 : Brownsover Hall Hotel - Bridge over Brownsover Arm by Rob Farrow
SP5077 : Brownsover Arm from bridge to Brownsover Hall by Rob Farrow

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