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During the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020, certain postboxes were designated as priority postboxes for collecting and delivering coronavirus tests around the country and supporting the national testing programme.
by JThomas

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SO9643 : Elizabeth II postbox, Little Comberton by JThomas
TF4560 : Elizabeth II postbox, Post Box Farm, Thorpe Fendykes by JThomas
NO3801 : Elizabethan postbox on Scoonie Road, Leven by JThomas
TF5576 : Priority postbox sticker by Bob Harvey
SE6691 : Elizabeth II postbox, Hope Inn Farm by JThomas
TA0559 : Elizabeth II postbox on Middle Street, Nafferton by JThomas
SE3273 : Elizabeth II postbox, Hutton Conyers by JThomas
SE2086 : Elizabeth II postbox, Rookwith by JThomas
SE3475 : Double aperture Elizabeth II postbox on Melmerby Green Road, Melmerby by JThomas
NO4029 : Victorian postbox on South Marketgait, Dundee by JThomas
TF8930 : George VI postbox on The Street, Sculthorpe by JThomas
SO9826 : Elizabeth II postbox on the B4632, Cleeve Hill by JThomas
TF0920 : Left hand slot, with priority stickers by Bob Harvey
SE6181 : Elizabeth II postbox, Sproxton by JThomas
TF2443 : Elizabeth II postbox on the A1121, Boardsides by JThomas
TF2035 : Strangely placed sticker by Bob Harvey
SJ9291 : GR Postbox (SK6 52) by Gerald England
NO2522 : Elizabethan postbox on High Street, Errol by JThomas
SE2576 : Railer Bank, Mickley by JThomas
TF2453 : Elizabeth II postbox on Mill Lane, Hundle Houses by JThomas
TF3845 : Elizabeth II postbox on the  A52, Butterwick by JThomas
TF3942 : Close up, Elizabeth II postbox on Shore Road, Freiston Shore by JThomas
SO9629 : Elizabeth II postbox on Cleeve Road, Gotherington by JThomas
TF0733 : Pillar box in the market place by Bob Harvey
SE1073 : Elizabeth II postbox, Lofthouse by JThomas

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