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The memorial to Dr James Wilson was unveiled in December 2015 by the Malvern Civic Society. Dr Wilson was one of the pioneers of Malvern’s water cure, the other being James Manby Gully.
This transformed Malvern from a village into a Victorian spa resort, attracting many famous people for treatment, including Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Thomas Carlyle, Florence Nightingale, Lord Tennyson and Samuel Wilberforce.
The memorial’s location is on the site of an earlier monument to Dr Wilson which was demolished in 1948. The original monument was an ornate neo-gothic spire which was erected in 1877 and stood here until it was demolished in 1948 after falling into disrepair.
The new monument is a two-metre-high, two-ton slab of Forest of Dean stone with a pair of embossed metal plaques. One has an image of the original monument, and the other side an engraved dedication.

The inscription reads:

‘This fountain
is erected
by the friends of andpatients
of the late
James Wilson MD
in commemoration of his having
introduced into England
and for many years
successfully practised in this
town the system of medical
treatment called
Thereby greatly promoting
the development and prosperity of
Anno dominin, 1877.’

‘The dedication, composed by fellow
Malvern Water Cure practitioner
James Manby Gully,
is from the marble tablet that was on the original
Wilson Memorial
that previously stood on this spot’

The monument is the work of stonemasons Steve Allard and Son of Callow End.
The memorial was unveiled by civic society president Dudley Brook.
by Philip Halling
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SO7745 : Memorial to Malvern Water Cure by Philip Halling
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