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TM1473 : B1077 Lowgate Street, Eye by Geographer
TM1668 : Rishangles Baptist Church by Geographer
TM0988 : B1077 Mile Road, Short Green by Geographer
TM1085 : B1077 The Street, Winfarthing by Geographer
TM0986 : Roadsign on the B1077 Short Green by Geographer
TM1850 : B1077 Mow Hill, Witnesham by Geographer
TM1959 : Entrance to Hill Farm by Geographer
TM1764 : Bellwell Lane, Aspall by Geographer
TM1475 : B1077 Looking towards Eye by Geographer
TM1850 : B1077 The Street, Witnesham by Geographer
TM1573 : Roadsign on the B1077 at Cranley Hill by Geographer
TM1747 : B1077 Westerfield Road by Geographer
TM1857 : Footpath & Bus Shelter by Geographer
TM0986 : B1077 Short Green & Short Green Postbox by Geographer
TM1554 : Stonewall Farm, Hemingstone by Geographer
TM1179 : B1077 Denmark Street, Diss by Geographer
TM1572 : B1077 Cranley Road, Eye by Geographer
TM1747 : B1077 Westerfield Road by Geographer
TM1084 : Entering Shelfanger by Geographer
TM1747 : B1077 Westerfield Road near the Business Centre by Geographer
TM1473 : B1077 Broad Street, Eye by Geographer
TM1854 : Debenham Road Postbox by Geographer
TM1747 : B1077 Westerfield Road, Westerfield by Geographer
TM1568 : Rishangles Village Name sign by Geographer
TM0886 : B1077 Short Green, Short Green by Geographer

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