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The Fountain Inn is one of the oldest inns in Gloucester. The building dates back to the 13th century when it was in the tenure of Peter Poictevin. The earliest the property was named was in the mid-15th century when it was owned by Sybella Savage and was called Savages Inn. In 1538, it was the Catherine Wheel and owned by Thomas Bell. In the 17th century the inn became the Fountain Inn, named after the Trinity Well or Fountain which provided a public water supply nearby on Westgate Street. In the late 17th century it was a fashionable coffee house. There is a relief portrait of William III in the courtyard, he is said to have ridden his horse up an external staircase in contempt of a Jacobite cell which met in one of the upper rooms.
by Philip Halling
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SO8318 : Entrance passage to the Fountain Inn by Philip Halling
SO8318 : The Fountain Inn by Philip Halling
SO8318 : The Fountain Inn by Philip Halling
SO8318 : Entrance to the Fountain Inn from Westgate Street by Philip Halling
SO8318 : Entrance to The Fountain Inn by Philip Halling

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