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Martlesham Heath village is situated 6 miles (10 km) east of Ipswich, in Suffolk, England. This was an ancient area of heathland and latterly the site of Martlesham Heath Airfield. A "new village" was established there in the mid-1970s and this has developed into a modern community, based on a traditional village pattern. The population is still included in that of Martlesham. The village is also part of the wider Ipswich Built-up area.
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TM2444 : Bridleway to Sheep Drift Farm & Newbourne Road by Geographer
TM2444 : Forest Lane Postbox by Geographer
TM2345 : Entrance steps to the bomb shelter by Geographer
TM2444 : Barrack Square, Martlesham by Geographer
TM2344 : Bridleway to Sandlings Walk by Geographer
TM2446 : Looking towards Tesco Extra Martlesham Heath by Geographer
TM2545 : Milano Avenue sign by Geographer
TM2445 : 19 Gloster Road Postbox by Geographer
TM2446 : Footpath to Newbourne Road by Geographer
TM2446 : Martlesham Community Hall & Parish Rooms by Geographer
TM2344 : Footpath off Dobbs Lane by Geographer
TM2445 : Beardmore Park by Geographer
TM2445 : Tesco Extra Petrol Filling Station by Geographer
TM2342 : A12 Martlesham Bypass by Geographer
TM2444 : Footpath to Dobbs Lane by Geographer
TM2445 : Hawker Drive sign by Geographer
TM2446 : Footpath to Newbourne Road by Geographer
TM2445 : Anson Road sign by Geographer
TM2345 : Sandlings Walk footpath by Geographer
TM2445 : Electricity Sub-Station on Anson Road by Geographer
TM2345 : Path off Grange Lane by Geographer
TM2445 : Gloster Road sign by Geographer
TM2444 : Lancaster Drive Postbox by Geographer
TM2445 : Kingpin Bowling, Martlesham by Geographer
TM2445 : Gas Sub-Station by Geographer

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