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Betteshanger is a 365-acre park situated on the site of a former spoil tip of the former Betteshanger Colliery, one of the largest collieries in Kent. The colliery opened in 192430 and closed in 1989. The spoil tip was located to the north east of the former colliery. The original area (before the spoil tip) was known as Foulmead Marsh and the community (with help from Dover District Council) chose the name of the new park to be Fowlmead (Fowl "bird", Mead - "meadow"). In May 2015, it was announced that the Hadlow Group had acquired Fowlmead and would be rebranding the park as Betteshanger Country Park, as part of the wider Betteshanger Sustainable Parks regeneration program. As of 2017 the organisation's website gives the name of the park as Betteshanger Park.
The park provides many activities including walking, cycling, fossil hunting, duathlon (running and cycling), orienteering and geocaching.
Families can also enjoy the play area (close to the visitor centre and car park)
by N Chadwick
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TR3453 : Lake, Betteshanger Park by N Chadwick
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TR3453 : Lake, Betteshanger Park by N Chadwick

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