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Shinewater Park is Eastbourne’s newest park and combines purpose built recreation facilities within a country park atmosphere. Access to the park is free and year-round. Landscaping work was completed as part of the construction of the Golden Jubilee Way.
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TQ6102 : Entrance to Shinewater Park by Paul Gillett
TQ6103 : Shinewater Lake by PAUL FARMER
TQ6103 : Willingdon and West Langley Sewer by PAUL FARMER
TQ6103 : Shinewater Lake by PAUL FARMER
TQ6003 : Shinewater Lake by Paul Gillett
TQ6103 : NHS Tribute stones by Paul Gillett
TQ6103 : Footbridge in Shinewater Park by PAUL FARMER
TQ6102 : Hydneye Bridge by Paul Gillett
TQ6103 : Reeds at Shinewater Park by PAUL FARMER
TQ6103 : Hydneye Lake by Paul Gillett
TQ6003 : Path in Shinewater Park, Eastbourne by PAUL FARMER

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