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The ruins of St. Leonards Hospital only hint at the significance of the Hospital in medieval York. Founded soon after the Norman Conquest, it was believed to be the largest medieval hospital in the north of England.
Remains of the hospital's undercroft can be accessed from the Museum Gardens, just to the right of the Museum Street entrance and contains some Roman and Medieval stonework.
The hospital was erected on the site of the former hospital St. Peters which was severely damaged in a fire in 1137. It was closely associated with the Minster, sharing the same grounds because it was so large. It was a self-sufficient building until the Reformation resulted in the religious aspects of hospitals being victimised and consequently St. Leonards was largely destroyed. This left York without a hospital from the time of Henry VIII to 1740.
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by N Chadwick
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SE6052 : St Leonards Hospital (remains) by N Chadwick
SE6052 : St Leonards Hospital (remains) by N Chadwick
SE6052 : St Leonard's Hospital, the chapel by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6052 : St Leonards (rems) by N Chadwick
SE6052 : St Leonards Hospital (remains) by N Chadwick

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