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Visitor attraction in Slieve Gullion Forest Park. The following is taken from LinkExternal link , accessed July 2016:

"The Giantís Lair Ė Childrenís Story Trail

The most ambitious childrenís arts project commissioned in Northern Ireland, the brand new Giantís Lair at Slieve Gullion, is open to boys, girls, elves and fairies alike. A must-see landmark cultural attraction, The Giantís Lair is an innovative magical living storybook. The Giantís Lair Story Trail takes visitors on an unforgettable journey of intertwined fairy house and arts features creating a fantastical childhood land of mystery, dragons, giants, witches and fairies. The art in the Giantís Lair is all inspired by the rich tapestry of local legend and mythical folklore on over a mile of woodlands at Slieve Gullion Forest Park.

Follow in the footsteps of Flynn the mischievous fairy, who has one important job Ė not to allow anyone to wake Slieve Gullion; It might look like a mountain but itís really a sleeping giant! Drop in for a cup of dandelion tea, grab a seat at the Giantís Table, stroll along to the Ladybird House and sneak a peek at local witchy trickster, The Cailleach Beara. The Giantís Lair is, without a doubt, the premiere outdoor attraction for children from far and wide, capturing a genuine sense of enchantment and mystery in the beautiful setting of Slieve Gullion Forest Park.

Situated beside the Slieve Gullion Adventure Playpark, with handy car parking available. The Giants Lair is free to walk round and explore; The trail takes you into plenty of nooks and crannies so a backpack carrier or baby sling is recommended for tots.

The Giantís Lair takes you on a journey of magic and imagination so get ready to encounter the unexpected and enjoy!"
by Rossographer
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J0419 : Fairy door, Slieve Gullion by Rossographer

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