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The two, three-light windows were designed by Tom Denny.
They represent a mix of history and spirituality.
In both windows scenes of struggle and grief in the side panels are tempered by messages of relief and comfort in the central light.

In the west window, the left-hand light depicts the aftermath of a battle, this could be related to Richard III and Bosworth, or it could be a generic battle.
Towards the top a horse carries the body of a man over its back, as was done to Richard himself.
The right-hand light shows people passing two rose bushes whose roots go deep down into the ground which contains relics and bones.
The central lights depicts Christ on the road to Emmaus. Much of the landscape is inspired by scenes from the local area.
The central part of the tracery depicts resurrection, the other parts show scenes from King Richard III's life, including the tower of Fotheringay church.

In the easterly window, the left-hand light shows a figure starting on a journey into "the valley of the shadow of death", passing through the tangle of thorns.
The right-hand light shows Richard and his wife Anne Neville at the death of their son Edward. Anne died shortly afterwards, and Richard approaches the place of his wife's burial in the upper part of the light, his crown cast aside.
The central lights represents reconciliation and forgiveness. A man is depicted with fragments from the story of his life scattered below, including papers and letters. Christ comes to heal him, and behind them the cross is shown on a hill, as yet empty.
There are further depictions of King Richard's life in the tracery, including Nottingham Castle, Bow bridge, Kirby Muxloe Castle, a boar and rider, and a fierce battle.

Both windows were installed in 2016, and are located in Saint Katherine's Chapel which is next to the new tomb of Richard III.

(Condensed from Tom Denny/Leicester Cathedral information on the new windows)
by Julian P Guffogg
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