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This is the local name for the tower and spire of the former St Andrew's Church, combining the very narrow taper of the spire with glovemaking which was the City's principal industry.

The tower is 15th century, perpendicular, the spire being added in 1751 by a local journeyman mason, Nathaniel Wilkinson. It rises to 241 feet and has, at 13 degrees, the narrowest taper of any similar spire in the country.

The church was demolished in 1948 as it had become structurally unsound and the congregation had dwindled to almost nothing as people moved away from the city centre. Gardens were created at the foot of the tower to commemorate the accession of Queen Elizabeth.
by Alan Murray-Rust
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SO8454 : The Glover's Needle by Alan Murray-Rust
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SO8454 : The Glover's Needle by Alan Murray-Rust

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