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SX9063 : Corbyn's Head by Derek Harper
SX9065 : Flailing, Barton Cricket ground by Derek Harper
SX9066 : 'Skip It' recycling and skip hire facility by John C
SX9064 : Filling station, Upton Road by Richard Dorrell
SX9363 : Meadfoot Beach by Derek Harper
SX9363 : Ilsham Road by Derek Harper
SX9266 : Snowy recreation ground, Easterfield Lane by Derek Harper
SX9365 : Shelter on Walls Hill by Philip Jeffrey
SX9163 : Meat 59, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Gleneagles Hotel, Torquay by Roger Cornfoot
SX9365 : Sea at Babbacombe Beach by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Torquay : Babbacombe Model Village - Snow Scene by Lewis Clarke
SX8966 : House at Primrose Hill, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Hotels on Babbacombe Downs by David Hawgood
SX9066 : Bush and tree clearance, Browns Bridge Road by Derek Harper
SX9163 : Princess Pier, Torquay by Alan Hunt
SX8965 : Our Lady of the Angels, Queensway by Derek Harper
SX9364 : Redgate Beach, Torquay by Alex McGregor
SX9163 : Madrepore Road, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9064 : Self-storage depot, Torre Station by Derek Harper
SX9063 : Torre Abbey Gardens and balloon by John Firth
SX9363 : Lincombe Slopes by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Torquay : Babbacombe Model Village - Wedding Scene by Lewis Clarke
SX9065 : Blizzard, Cricketfield Road, Torre by Derek Harper
SX9265 : All Saints' Church, Babbacombe by David Smith
SX9063 : Walnut Road, Chelston by Derek Harper
SX9067 : Daccombe Hill by David Smith
SX9164 : Castle Circus Health Centre, Torquay by Jaggery
SX8966 : Cadewell Park Road by Derek Harper
SX9364 : St Matthias Church by Ian S
SX9067 : Lawn Close, Barton, Torquay by David Hawgood
SX9065 : Woodland Close by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Hugh Mills & Gaye, Babbacombe by Jaggery
SX9167 : Watcombe (2) by Derek Harper
SX9163 : Unity Church, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9063 : Coach House Lane, Chelston by Derek Harper
SX9165 : Churchyard, St Marychurch by Derek Harper
SX8963 : Footbridge over Cockington Stream in the snow by Derek Harper
SX9165 : Terraces on Forest Road, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9167 : 4 new houses, Steps Lane, Torbay by Alex McGregor
SX8963 : Cockington Church by David Dixon
SX8966 : Orchard Way, Edginswell by Derek Harper
SX9163 : Torquay New Harbour by Roy Hughes
SX9164 : Coach, Torquay coach station by Derek Harper
SX9365 : Cavendish Health Care on Babbacombe Road by Ian S
SX8967 : Kingskerswell Cross by Derek Harper
SX8967 : Cormorant Close, The Willows by Derek Harper
SX9363 : Ilsham Marine Drive by N Chadwick
SX9264 : Safety fence by path, Warberry Copse by Derek Harper
SX9164 : Commerce House, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9165 : Bakery shop, St Marychurch precinct by Joan Vaughan
SX8963 : Cockington, Rose Cottage by David Dixon
SX9064 : Torbay Foyer, Teignmouth Road by Derek Harper
SX9066 : Royal Mail Delivery Office, Broomhill Way, Torquay by Derek Harper
SX9265 : Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe by Gary Davies
SX8964 : Higher Chelston, Torquay by Crispin Purdye
SX9165 : Westlands School, Torquay by David Hawgood
SX9163 : Grosvenor Hotel, Torquay by Derek Harper

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