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ST4836 : The Bear Inn by Neil Owen
ST4934 : Autumn colours in the strip of woodland near Westfield by David Smith
ST4634 : Viewpoint on Walton Hill by Patrick Mackie
ST5035 : Drainage channel by Cow Bridge Road by Derek Harper
ST4834 : Ivythorn Hill by Alan Hunt
ST4636 : Parish Church, Walton by Patrick Mackie
ST4936 : The Old Rhyne by Derek Harper
ST4836 : Orchard Court - Orchard Road by Betty Longbottom
ST4736 : Street : West End by Lewis Clarke
ST4636 : Holy Trinity Church, Walton by Brian Deegan
ST4836 : Post Office - High Street by Betty Longbottom
ST4934 : Westfield Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST5035 : Trees framing Glastonbury Tor by Edwin Graham
ST4837 : Old Toll House, Street by Alan Rosevear
ST4836 : High Street, Street by Richard Webb
ST4734 : The ridge road at Cockrod by David Smith
ST4636 : Walton, Somerset by Richard Webb
ST4836 : On the corner of the High Street by Neil Owen
ST4736 : West End - viewed from Stonehill by Betty Longbottom
ST4838 : Porchestall sewage pumping station by David Smith
ST4734 : Ominous clouds at Middle Ivy Thorn Farm by Rob Purvis
ST5034 : Buzzard by Glyn Baker
ST4837 : Anthony Road - Church Road by Betty Longbottom
ST4636 : Window in the Holy Trinity 7 by Bill Nicholls
ST4835 : Middle Leigh, Street by Patrick Mackie
ST4636 : Sharpham Drove by Hugh Venables
ST4635 : Windmill Farm by David Smith
ST4634 : Street Rhyne across Street Moor by Hugh Venables
ST4637 : Sharpham Drove by Hugh Venables
ST4835 : Traffic lights and roadworks - Street by Sarah Smith
ST4834 : Marshalls Elm Farm by Roger Cornfoot
ST4836 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
ST5035 : Barns at Home Farm, Butleigh Wootton by Derek Harper
ST4834 : Street: Glastonbury view from the B3151 by Chris Downer
ST4635 : Looking up towards the windmill on Walton Hill by Roger Cornfoot
ST4837 : Old Milepost by the A39, Pomparles Bridge, Glastonbury by JR Dowding
ST4837 : Strode Theatre by Graham Horn
ST4836 : Crispin Hall - High Street by Betty Longbottom
ST4636 : Small Moor, Walton by Patrick Mackie
ST4834 : The B3151 at Marshall's Elm on a rainy day by John Lord
ST4837 : Morlands Site Glastonbury (14) by Nigel Mykura
ST4836 : Kingston Close - Bovemoor Road by Betty Longbottom
ST4636 : Holy Trinity Window 3 by Bill Nicholls
ST4737 : Footpath to Street by Hugh Venables
ST4635 : Grassland, with windmill, Walton Hill, Polden Hills, Somerset by Ruth Sharville
ST4636 : Forecourt of Vauxhall dealer in Walton by David Smith
ST4834 : Leigholt Wood by Derek Harper
ST4936 : Footpath - Bove Moor Close by Betty Longbottom
ST4636 : Headstops on the church by Bill Nicholls
ST4838 : Morlands Site Glastonbury (7) by Nigel Mykura
ST4836 : Clarks Village Outlet Shopping by Nigel Freeman
ST4837 : William Reynolds House, Street by Derek Harper
ST4836 : Clarks Village, Street by Penny Mayes
ST4936 : Millfield Pavilion by Glyn Baker
ST4838 : The old Moorlands factory, Glastonbury by Ken Grainger
ST4736 : Street Fire Station by Kevin Hale
ST4635 : Converted Windmill, Walton Hill by Patrick Mackie

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