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TQ3884 : London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park by Jim Osley
TQ3784 : View of the Olympic Stadium from Roach Road #2 by Robert Lamb
TQ3883 : Icona Tower, Warton Road by Oast House Archive
TQ3885 : Clays Lane Community- earmarked for demolition by Rachel Bowles
TQ3784 : Olympic Stadium by Oast House Archive
TQ3784 : View of a classic flatbed truck in the Classic Car Boot Sale by Robert Lamb
TQ3984 : Maryland Station by Stephen McKay
TQ3784 : View of street art on White Post Lane #3 by Robert Lamb
TQ3784 : Wheelchair racing, Olympic Stadium by Oast House Archive
TQ3984 : Vicarage Lane, Maryland by David Howard
TQ3884 : Paralympics swimmers with different backstroke styles by David Hawgood
TQ3884 : Stratford High Street station by Oast House Archive
TQ3984 : Water Lane at the junction of Forest Road by David Howard
TQ3784 : View of the Arcelor-Mittal Orbit from the River Lea Navigation by Robert Lamb
TQ3784 : The Orbit, Olympic Park, Stratford by Christine Matthews
TQ3884 : Stratford railway station by Thomas Nugent
TQ3884 : Stratford International Station, HS1 by Ben Brooksbank
TQ3784 : The Orbit, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by David Dixon
TQ3884 : West Ham Court House, Stratford by David Anstiss
TQ3884 : Railway Tavern by N Chadwick
TQ3883 : Housing, Stratford by David Anstiss
TQ3784 : View of a mannequin hanging from a tree on the Hertford Union Canal by Robert Lamb
TQ3884 : Engines in front of east end of Stratford shed by John Firth
TQ3884 : Stratford Gate, Olympic Park by Graham Hogg
TQ3984 : University of East London, Stratford Campus by Robin Webster
TQ3883 : View of derelict industrial land from the River Lea Navigation #2 by Robert Lamb
TQ3885 : Brydges Road from Chobham Road, Stratford by David Howard
TQ3784 : Stratford: the Olympic Stadium by Chris Downer
TQ3984 : St Matthew, West Ham, London E15 by John Salmon
TQ3883 : Direction post - Greenway by ad acta
TQ3884 : View at Stratford station by Marathon
TQ3784 : View of the path into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from Roach Road by Robert Lamb
TQ3984 : St Matthew, West Ham, London E15 - Font by John Salmon
TQ3784 : T42 200 m final by Dave Pickersgill
TQ3984 : The Goldengrove, 148 The Grove E15 by Robin Sones
TQ3985 : Forest Lane Park, near Forest Gate by Malc McDonald
TQ3985 : Bow Street, Maryland by Stephen McKay
TQ3883 : Pudding Mill Lane, near Stratford by Malc McDonald
TQ3884 : View of the viewing tower from Westfield Way by Robert Lamb
TQ3784 : Field events in the Olympic Stadium by Paul Gillett
TQ3884 : North Service Yard, Westfield, Stratford by Danny P Robinson
TQ3984 : West Ham Park by Malc McDonald
TQ3784 : Beat Box, Olympic Park by Paul Gillett
TQ3984 : Francis St by N Chadwick
TQ3984 : The ornamental fountain in Stratford Park by Marathon
TQ3784 : Olympic Park from Old Ford Lock by Jim Osley
TQ3985 : Magpie Close, near Forest Gate by Malc McDonald
TQ3784 : View of one of the Lambrettas in the Classic Car Boot Sale by Robert Lamb
TQ3885 : Modern housing unaffected by the Olympic development by Rachel Bowles
TQ3884 : View over Stratford from the top of the steps leading from the footbridge over the station down to street level by Robert Lamb
TQ3784 : East London Bus garage, Waterden Lane by Rachel Bowles
TQ3883 : Stratford Market depot (London Underground) by Stephen Craven
TQ3883 : Greenway route round the 2012 Olympic site by David Williams
TQ3884 : Stratford Station by dg
TQ3784 : Olympic Stadium 2012 by dg
TQ3784 : The 'Lord Napier', Hackney Wick by Dr Neil Clifton
TQ3883 : Old Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Stratford. by Danny P Robinson

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