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SH4559 : The Wales Coast Path near Foryd Bay by Jeff Buck
SH4360 : Fort Belan WW2 Rocket Projector site platforms (1) by Mike Searle
SH4460 : Operation Sandcastle slipway and assembly area (1) by Mike Searle
SH4459 : Y Foryd, from the western shore by Christine Johnstone
SH4659 : Barn beside the Afon Gwyrfai by David Medcalf
SH4559 : View inland across farmland with the Nantlle Hills in the background by Eric Jones
SH4460 : The dock at Fort Belan by David Medcalf
SH4460 : View towards the Dock near Fort Belan by Jeff Buck
SH4360 : Sandbanks on the Caernarfon Bar by Ian Warburton
SH4459 : Cattle grazing north-east of Caernarfon Airport by Christine Johnstone
SH4659 : Afon Gwyrfai, upstream from Pont Faen by Christine Johnstone
SH4659 : The Wales Coast Path near Llanfaglan by Jeff Buck
SH4460 : Fort Belan Dock by Bob Jones
SH4360 : South sands by Eirian Evans
SH4360 : Traeth Dinlle Near Fort Belan by Chris Andrews
SH4659 : South west of Llanfaglan by Ian Warburton
SH4559 : Recently built houses on the Llanfaglan-Foryd road by Eric Jones
SH4460 : Fort Belan by Eric Jones
SH4559 : Foryd Bay by Eirian Evans
SH4659 : Farmland near Saron by Eirian Evans
SH4459 : Morfa heli / Saltmarsh by Ceri Thomas
SH4559 : Sea wall by Jonathan Wilkins
SH4459 : An Old Fence on the Foryd Salt Marsh by Eric Jones
SH4360 : Sheep grazing near Fort Belan by Eirian Evans
SH4659 : Wales Coast Path by Eirian Evans
SH4360 : Fort Belan from the West by Eric Jones
SH4459 : Salt marsh, Y Foryd by Christine Johnstone
SH4460 : Fort Belan Docks by Eric Jones
SH4659 : Minor road junction by Eric Jones
SH4460 : The Mouth of Y Foryd at Ebb Tide by Eric Jones
SH4360 : Looking south-west  along the beach by Eirian Evans
SH4460 : Belan by Eirian Evans
SH4460 : Crane at Fort Belan Dock by Bob Jones
SH4659 : Afon Gwyrfai by Eirian Evans
SH4460 : Causeway by Row17
SH4559 : Lane near Saron by David Medcalf
SH4659 : Road Junction, south west of Llanfaglan by Ian Warburton
SH4460 : The View  back along the Cusp by Eric Jones
SH4659 : Walkers on the Saron Road near Pont Faen by Eric Jones
SH4659 : Ddol Farm by Eric Jones
SH4559 : Looking south west across Foryd Bay (Nature Reserve) by Ian Warburton
SH4459 : Looking across Y Foryd by David Medcalf
SH4360 : Caernarfon end of Menai Straits by Ian Warburton
SH4559 : View across sheep pastures to Cefn-ynysoedd Farm by Eric Jones
SH4360 : On the way to Fort Belan by Row17
SH4559 : The Wales Coast Path south of Caernarfon by Jeff Buck
SH4559 : The White House by Eirian Evans
SH4460 : The dock looking towards its entrance by David Medcalf
SH4659 : Entrance to the sewage works by Christine Johnstone
SH4459 : View along the embankment by Gordon Hatton
SH4460 : Entrance to Fort Belan, Dinas Dinlle, near Caernarfon, North Wales. by P Flannagan
SH4460 : Old cannon at Fort Belan by Shaun Butler
SH4460 : Fort Belan by Keith Williamson
SH4559 : Laid to Rest by Ian Warburton

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