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SS9647 : Coastal Path in the woods above Culver Cliff by Philip Jeffrey
SS9448 : West Somerset : Rocks & Boulders by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : The crowds gather at Minehead to see Flying Scotsman by Roger Cornfoot
SS9746 : Shelter on the front at Quay Street Minehead by David Smith
SS9746 : Minehead : Minehead Harbour by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : GWR Raveningham Hall no. 4690 by Ashley Dace
SS9548 : West Somerset : Pebble Beach by Lewis Clarke
SS9847 : Merchant vessel at anchor off Minehead by Roger Cornfoot
SS9747 : Harbourmaster's Office by Neil Owen
SS9447 : Toposcope pillar on summit of Bratton Ball by Phil Champion
SS9745 : Workshops in Marshfield Road by Roger Cornfoot
SS9746 : 7828 Odney Manor at Minehead by Tim Glover
SS9745 : The Olympic torch relay passes through Minehead by Roger Cornfoot
SS9746 : 'Lord Dowding' leaves the turntable at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot
SS9747 : Minehead : Coastal Town by Lewis Clarke
SS9445 : West Somerset : Woodland Path by Lewis Clarke
SS9747 : Minehead : Minehead Lifeboat Station by Lewis Clarke
SS9448 : Burgundy Chapel. by Barbara Cook
SS9746 : Steam up! by Neil Owen
SS9545 : West Somerset : Countryside & Minehead Scenery by Lewis Clarke
SS9548 : The incoming tide, Greenaleigh Sand by Roger Cornfoot
SS9647 : Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance donations bin, Minehead by Jaggery
SS9746 : Minehead Station by Ashley Dace
SS9746 : South West Coast Path Sculpture, Minehead by N Chadwick
SS9647 : Top-sail Ketch, 'The Irene' sails up the Bristol Channel for the Minehead Harbour Festival by Roger Cornfoot
SS9546 : Wood Walk by Roger Cornfoot
SS9746 : The Jubilee Gardens Cafe by Peter Jeffery
SS9446 : Bratton : Grassy Field & Cat by Lewis Clarke
SS9547 : Greenaleigh Farm to Hurlstone Point from the sea by Martin Southwood
SS9846 : Minehead : Coastal Path by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : Minehead : Morrisons by Lewis Clarke
SS9447 : Rugged Alternative Coast Path by Guy Wareham
SS9647 : West Somerset : Culver Cliff Sand by Lewis Clarke
SS9644 : West Somerset : Footpath by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : 4160 arrives with a train from Bishops Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot
SS9744 : West Somerset : Woodland Path by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : Catering building, Minehead FC by Roger Cornfoot
SS9747 : Minehead harbour by David Smith
SS9446 : West Somerset : Grassy Field & Gate by Lewis Clarke
SS9745 : 'The Stores', Alcombe by Roger Cornfoot
SS9545 : Whitworth Road, Periton by Roger Cornfoot
SS9548 : West Somerset : Pebble Coastline by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : Minehead : Sandy Beach by Lewis Clarke
SS9447 : Start of the 'Rugged' Coastal Path by Roger Cornfoot
SS9447 : Footpath through bracken at the top of Burgundy Chapel Combe by Phil Champion
SS9644 : Coombe Cottage Gateway, Callins by Rob Farrow
SS9447 : Heather on North Hill by Guy Wareham
SS9845 : Mallard Road, Minehead by Jonathan Billinger
SS9548 : West Somerset : Grassy Path & Coastline by Lewis Clarke
SS9746 : Readers Halt, Minehead Station by Roger Cornfoot
SS9846 : Butlins Minehead Funfair by John Carver
SS9846 : Chalets at Butlins Minehead Feb 2008 by John Carver
SS9846 : Butlins Minehead by John Carver
SS9746 : Minehead - Minehead Bay by Chris Talbot
SS9846 : Butlins Minehead Funfair by John Carver
SS9846 : Locomotives at Butlins, Minehead, 1969 by Robin Webster
SS9646 : Minehead by Steve Edge

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