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ST3712 : Cider orchard at Perry's Cider by John M
ST3612 : The Piggery by Roger Cornfoot
ST3514 : The Shrubbery Hotel by Alex McGregor
ST3713 : St John and All Saints church, Kingstone by Derek Harper
ST3613 : Pretwood by Derek Harper
ST3712 : Dowlish Wake Near The Church by susie peek
ST3713 : Kingstone Village from Kingstone Hill by Nigel Mykura
ST3515 : River Isle at Winterhay Farm by Derek Harper
ST3712 : Lane at Dowlish Wake by Derek Harper
ST3416 : Cad Green Ford by John Walton
ST3713 : Parish Church, Kingstone by Ken Grainger
ST3714 : A small wood by the B3168 by David Smith
ST3414 : Chard Branch by Richard Webb
ST3516 : A misty landscape by N Chadwick
ST3713 : Old Toll House, Kingstone by Derek Harper
ST3415 : A303 approaching Southfields Roundabout by N Chadwick
ST3712 : Mill Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST3512 : Crossroads on Cricket Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST3413 : Donyatt Halt by Richard Webb
ST3714 : Former A303 near Ilminster by Richard Webb
ST3813 : Poplars on parade by John Walker
ST3712 : Perrys' Cider Orchard by Des Blenkinsopp
ST3715 : Dillington Park Lodge, Whitelackington by Roger Cornfoot
ST3512 : Remains of Chard Canal near Dowlish Ford by Derek Harper
ST3514 : The Shrubbery Hotel by Alex McGregor
ST3416 : Dismantled Railway near Cad Green, Ilton by Ruth Sharville
ST3514 : National Cycle Network route 33 by Richard Webb
ST3516 : South Somerset : The A303 by Lewis Clarke
ST3514 : Silver Street - Ilminster by Chris Allen
ST3716 : South Somerset : The A303 by Lewis Clarke
ST3415 : A303 east of Horton Cross by David Smith
ST3712 : Hydraulic press at Perry's Cider by John M
ST3814 : Countryside near Seavington St Mary by Nigel Mykura
ST3713 : Church of St John and All Saints, Kingstone by Roger Cornfoot
ST3615 : Old Road and New Road by Andy Pearce
ST3415 : A303 heading west by Robin Webster
ST3712 : Dower House by Roger Cornfoot
ST3413 : Stibbear Lane by Roger Cornfoot
ST3416 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Cad Road, Cad Green, Ilton by Milestone Society
ST3615 : Field behind Ashwell by Sarah Smith
ST3815 : Countryside near Seavington St Michael by Nigel Mykura
ST3513 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost on the junction of Listers Hill and Moolham Lane by J Dowding
ST3715 : Whitelackington Village Street by Andy Pearce
ST3613 : Housing south of Ilminster by Derek Harper
ST3613 : Stile, Pretwood Hill by Derek Harper
ST3712 : Dowlish Wake from the South West by Nick Chipchase
ST3614 : Ilminster: postbox № TA19 242, East Street by Chris Downer
ST3816 : Cornerways by Roger Cornfoot
ST3716 : South Somerset : The A303 & Road Accident by Lewis Clarke
ST3415 : Little Chef, Horton Cross by Roger Cornfoot
ST3415 : Ilminster: Horton Cross Services by Martin Bodman
ST3614 : Ex-Ilminster Grammar School by Andy Pearce
ST3715 : Whitelackington by Liz Martin
ST3614 : Market House , Ilminster by Derek Harper
ST3615 : Dillington House by Liz Martin
ST3413 : Disused railway cycleway, Donyatt by Derek Harper
ST3414 : Granary, Park Farm by Derek Harper

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