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NS5865 : Renfrew Lane by James Allan
NS6065 : Thomas Hutcheson Memorial, Glasgow Cathedral by kim traynor
NS5764 : Former Waverley terminal by Stephen Sweeney
NS5864 : The Broomielaw by Thomas Nugent
NS6163 : Celtic FC Superstore by Thomas Nugent
NS5866 : Flying backwards by Ian Paterson
NS5965 : Ramshorn Kirk by Thomas Nugent
NS5766 : Kelvingrove skate park by Thomas Nugent
NS6065 : Bridge of Sighs by Richard Sutcliffe
NS6064 : Graham Square - Clockface and Horned Head by Lairich Rig
NS6064 : Peter Pan statue by Thomas Nugent
NS5965 : Buchanan Bus Station by Thomas Nugent
NS5865 : Lion Chambers, Hope Street, Glasgow by Richard Sutcliffe
NS5867 : Jackie Husband Stand by Thomas Nugent
NS5765 : Scottish National Arena construction site by Thomas Nugent
NS5966 : Sighthill Park by Lairich Rig
NS5963 : Rowing race on the Clyde by Thomas Nugent
NS6063 : Approaching Polmadie Bridge by DS Pugh
NS5865 : Anderston Centre towerblock by Thomas Nugent
NS6163 : Disused works, Dalmarnock by Alec MacKinnon
NS5866 : Spiers Wharf by Thomas Nugent
NS6066 : Sighthill Cemetery Lodge (detail) by Lairich Rig
NS5766 : Lansdowne Parish Church by Keith Edkins
NS5765 : The Finnieston Crane by night by Jim Barton
NS5865 : Glasgow Central railway station by Nigel Thompson
NS6063 : Main Street Bridgeton by Thomas Nugent
NS5966 : Sighthill Park stone circle by Thomas Nugent
NS6163 : Celtic Park by Thomas Nugent
NS5865 : Scott Street, Glasgow by Stephen McKay
NS6065 : Tennent Caledonian Wellpark Brewery by Thomas Nugent
NS5965 : Queen Street Station, Glasgow by Stephen McKay
NS6066 : Pinkston Drive Towerblocks, Sighthill, Glasgow by Leslie Barrie
NS6164 : East End Regeneration Route by Thomas Nugent
NS5864 : Blind arch under Central Station bridge by Thomas Nugent
NS6065 : Memorial to the Royal Highland Fusiliers by Richard Sutcliffe
NS6066 : Glasgow from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS6163 : Former Queen Mary Street school by Thomas Nugent
NS5964 : Tolbooth steeple spire by Thomas Nugent
NS5765 : Roots and Fruits, Argyle Street by Richard Sutcliffe
NS5867 : Firhill Park football ground by Mark Anderson
NS5766 : St George Mansions, a spectacular tenement building by Alan Reid
NS6165 : Hillfoot Street, Glasgow by JThomas
NS6164 : Sign for the Forge Retail Park by Stephen Sweeney
NS6067 : Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries by Richard Sutcliffe
NS6064 : Lodging House Mission by Thomas Nugent
NS5964 : The Tolbooth steeple by Thomas Nugent
NS5965 : Old College Bar, High Street by kim traynor
NS5965 : Gravestone in Ramshorn Kirk graveyard by Thomas Nugent
NS5764 : Kingston Bridge by Mark Anderson
NS5765 : Car Park and tenements, Argyle Street by Jonathan Thacker
NS6167 : Red Road flats at Balornock by Chris Upson
NS5765 : Squinty Bridge over the Clyde by Iain Thompson
NS5867 : Derelict Housing, Carbeth Street, Possil Park by Chris Upson
NS5964 : St Enoch (shopping centre), Glasgow by GaryReggae
NS5965 : George Square, Glasgow. Christmas lights 2005 by Johnny Durnan
NS5866 : The Piping Centre, Cowcaddens, Glasgow by JOHN MORELAND
NS6064 : People's Palace Winter Garden by Thomas Nugent
NS5965 : Central College Of Commerce, Glasgow by GaryReggae

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