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ST8124 : Disused ponds by Clive Perrin
ST8026 : St Mary, Gillingham: memorial (ii) by Basher Eyre
ST8026 : Gillingham houses [20] by Michael Dibb
ST8026 : Gillingham: Wyke Post Office by Chris Downer
ST7924 : Farmland off Bleet Lane by Phil Williams
ST8026 : The Cathedrals Express to Sherborne 20th Dec.2007 by Clive Warneford
ST8226 : Field beside the railway line by Toby
ST7926 : Gillingham: postbox № SP8 58, Wyke Road by Chris Downer
ST7928 : A quick inspection by Phil Williams
ST7826 : St Georges Church, Langham by Maigheach-gheal
ST8125 : River Lodden by Derek Harper
ST7926 : Gillingham: finger-post at Wyke by Chris Downer
ST7824 : Railway line to Salisbury and London Waterloo by Rob Purvis
ST8126 : Royal British Legion Gillingham Club by Jaggery
ST8026 : SE along Cemetery Road Gillingham by Jaggery
ST8024 : Bend in Standpitts Lane by Derek Harper
ST8228 : Barns at Bloomers Farm by Phil Williams
ST7926 : Wyke Farm by Mike Faherty
ST8126 : Gillingham: Royal Mail delivery office by Chris Downer
ST8027 : Gillingham: a postbox catches the sunlight by Chris Downer
ST7827 : Longbury Long Barrow by Phil Williams
ST8026 : High Street Post Office, Gillingham, Dorset by Jaggery
ST8225 : Cole Street Lane by Derek Harper
ST8025 : View to Brickfields Business Park from Madjeston by Jonathan Hutchins
ST7925 : Eccliffe Viaduct by Chris McAuley
ST8126 : Addison Terrace Gillingham by Nigel Mykura
ST7824 : Springfield House by Martin Hibbert
ST8026 : St Martins Square, Gillingham by David Martin
ST8024 : Hunger Hill, looking towards Gillingam by Becky Williamson
ST7928 : Riverbank erosion on the River Stour by Phil Williams
ST7827 : Longbury Long Barrow by Phil Williams
ST8226 : Bridleway entering King's Court Palace by Toby
ST8125 : Grass field near Gillingham by Derek Harper
ST8028 : St Simon & St Jude, Milton on Stour: early June 2015 by Basher Eyre
ST7825 : Track off Westbrook Road by Phil Williams
ST8028 : Lych gate, The Church of St Simon and St Jude by Maigheach-gheal
ST8226 : View of King's Court Wood by Toby
ST8228 : Tributary of the River Lodden. by Phil Williams
ST8026 : Gillingham houses [34] by Michael Dibb
ST8124 : Pond in field south of Cole Street Farm by Becky Williamson
ST7827 : Woodland at Willowfield by David Smith
ST7925 : Gillingham: Eccliffe Mill by Martin Bodman
ST8026 : Flush bracket 10046, St Mary's Church by Maigheach-gheal
ST8026 : Sir Lamiel by Clive Warneford
ST8225 : Christmas is over 1 by Jonathan Billinger
ST8026 : Wine Bar and Grill, Gillingham by Jonathan Hutchins
ST7828 : Whistley  Farm by Phil Williams
ST8128 : Foxhaven by Phil Williams
ST8224 : Trees south of Cole Street Lane by Derek Harper
ST7926 : The Old Cottage, Wyke by Maigheach-gheal
ST8026 : Maunsell Locomotive No.30850 'Lord Nelson'. by Clive Warneford
ST7927 : Weir on a tributary of the River Stour by Phil Williams
ST8026 : Locomotive No.6233 Duchess of Sutherland by Clive Warneford
ST8126 : A4 Pacific Locomotive No.60019 'Bittern' by Clive Warneford
ST8026 : Locomotive Detail by Clive Warneford
ST8026 : Locomotive No.70013 Oliver Cromwell by Clive Warneford

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