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TQ3508 : Amex Stadium - view towards South Stand by Paul Gillett
TQ3609 : Service road alongside the A27 by Dave Spicer
TQ3508 : Pub sign board for the Swan Inn, Falmer by nick macneill
TQ3610 : Trig point on Balmer Huff by Simon Carey
TQ3610 : Balmer Down by Oast House Archive
TQ3509 : Church Laine by Simon Carey
TQ3707 : Dew Pond, Castle Hill by Simon Carey
TQ3510 : North Laine/Great Knowle by Simon Carey
TQ3509 : Knight's Gate by Simon Carey
TQ3507 : Bridleway and footpath to Newmarket Plantation by Dave Spicer
TQ3609 : Sixteen Acres by Simon Carey
TQ3707 : Castle Hill by Paul Gillett
TQ3609 : Housedean Farm Bridge by Simon Carey
TQ3509 : Falmer Sports Complex by Simon Carey
TQ3710 : Cyclists on South Downs Way by Oast House Archive
TQ3509 : Fourteen Acres by Simon Carey
TQ3507 : Bridleway leaving the Falmer Road by Chris Thomas-Atkin
TQ3608 : Newmarket Plantation by Simon Carey
TQ3707 : Jugg's Road - Cold Coombes by James Emmans
TQ3609 : Water Pumping Station by Simon Carey
TQ3707 : Jugg's Road by Chris Heaton
TQ3709 : Filling Station by A27 by N Chadwick
TQ3507 : Earthwork, Falmer Hill by Simon Carey
TQ3609 : Roller coaster downland at Balmer Farm by Dave Spicer
TQ3710 : Bridleway to nowhere by Dave Spicer
TQ3508 : Village Way by Simon Carey
TQ3607 : Entrance to Castle Hill Plantation by Paul Gillett
TQ3709 : Lower South Laine by Simon Carey
TQ3510 : Upper Ridge by Simon Carey
TQ3508 : Boundary Walk, University of Sussex by Simon Carey
TQ3507 : Snowy Tracks by Chris Thomas-Atkin
TQ3707 : Convergence of tracks on the South Downs by Shazz
TQ3710 : New Denshire by Simon Carey
TQ3510 : Firle Beacon by Graham Robinson
TQ3710 : Sheep near Balmer Down by Oast House Archive
TQ3710 : The South Downs Way - footpath junction by Balmer Down by Trevor Harris
TQ3607 : View from Newmarket Hill by Paul Gillett
TQ3607 : Southdowns Way - Newmarket Way by James Emmans
TQ3609 : Brighton Road by Simon Carey
TQ3709 : Under the railway bridge, Newmarket near Lewes by nick macneill
TQ3509 : Balmer hamlet and farm, near Falmer. by Simon Carey
TQ3509 : The Old Police House, Ridge Road, Falmer by Simon Carey
TQ3710 : South Downs Way towards Buckland Bank by Oast House Archive
TQ3607 : Newmarket Plantation by Simon Carey
TQ3510 : Arable land on Waterpit Hill by Dave Spicer
TQ3707 : Jugg's Road with distance view of Newmarket Plantation by James Emmans
TQ3709 : Bridleway through Bunkershill Plantation by Richard Law
TQ3508 : Footbridge over the A27 by N Chadwick
TQ3710 : Fox near Balmer Down by Oast House Archive
TQ3610 : View from Balmer Huff by Dave Spicer
TQ3508 : View to new Falmer Stadium by Oast House Archive
TQ3508 : Bennetts Field Car Park, American Express community Stadium by Simon Carey
TQ3508 : Barn, Swan Inn, Falmer by Simon Carey
TQ3509 : Playing Fields, University of Sussex by Simon Carey
TQ3508 : Tithe Barn, Court Farm, Falmer by Simon Carey
TQ3508 : Falmer Pond and St Laurence Church by Janine Forbes
TQ3508 : Northern Part of Falmer Village by Simon Carey
TQ3707 : Juggs Road, Castle Hill by Simon Carey

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