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NX9775 : The lonely bikestand by Hugh Close
NX9775 : Overlooking the Nith by Hugh Close
NX9577 : End of the rainbow... Lochside ? by Darrin Antrobus
NX9977 : The Pines Golf Centre, Dumfries by Darrin Antrobus
NX9578 : Houses on Glasgow Road by Mary and Angus Hogg
NX9976 : The A701 on the outskirts of Dumfries by James Denham
NX9674 : New Abbey Road, Dumfries by David Dixon
NX9976 : Elizabethan postbox on Annan Road, Dumfries by JThomas
NX9775 : Mini Golf at Dock Park, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9776 : Millennium milepost, Dumfries Station by Richard Webb
NX9878 : Parking, Dalscone Farm Park by Billy McCrorie
NX9576 : Roadworks by Hugh Close
NX9776 : Millennium milepost, Caledonian Cycleway by Rose and Trev Clough
NX9877 : The A75 at Bloomfield by Billy McCrorie
NX9775 : Suspension Bridge, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9777 : River Nith by Billy McCrorie
NX9978 : Entrance track to yard near Heathhall by Steven Brown
NX9776 : Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9777 : Dumfries & County Golf Course by Billy McCrorie
NX9976 : Distant hills by Alex McGregor
NX9775 : Fishing the Nith by Debbie Turner
NX9675 : War Memorial, Dumfries by Les Hull
NX9677 : Railway bridge without a railway by Richard Dorrell
NX9775 : Mill Green by Andy Farrington
NX9978 : Access to industrial buildings at Heathhall by Steven Brown
NX9575 : Road to the A75 by Billy McCrorie
NX9678 : Dog Walker Near College Road by Mary and Angus Hogg
NX9974 : Blue Cottage by Colin Kinnear
NX9978 : Aviation Museum by Colin Kinnear
NX9777 : Maxwelltown Path by Billy McCrorie
NX9877 : Old Milestone by the A701, Edinburgh Road, Dumfries parish by Milestone Society
NX9775 : Dock Park Plaque by Billy McCrorie
NX9575 : Road to the A75 by Billy McCrorie
NX9676 : Weir at dusk, Dumfries. by Colin Pyle
NX9974 : Tractor in a field, dog in the foreground by Darrin Antrobus
NX9677 : Princess Margaret's Tomb at Lincluden by Darrin Antrobus
NX9976 : Houses, Annan Road by Richard Sutcliffe
NX9776 : Plaque on the Theatre Royal, Dumfries by Bob Embleton
NX9776 : Robert Burns' Statue, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9677 : Lincluden shops by Richard Dorrell
NX9976 : Houses on Annan Road, Dumfries by JThomas
NX9777 : Burns' Walk, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9775 : Roundabout on Brooms Road, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9775 : Robert Burns's Mausoleum, Dumfries by Kevin Rae
NX9778 : Bridge over the Nith by Darrin Antrobus
NX9675 : Dalbeattie Road, Dumfries by Billy McCrorie
NX9675 : Old Boundary Marker by Milestone Society
NX9876 : Houses on Annan Road, Dumfries by Ian S
NX9974 : Mid Craig on Craigs Road by Darrin Antrobus
NX9774 : Kingholm Road, Dumfries by Peter Mackenzie
NX9775 : Rosefield Mills - elaborate riverside facade by Rose and Trev Clough
NX9774 : Unity skate park near Kingholm Quay by peter J Robertson
NX9676 : Devorgilla Bridge (c. 15th Century)- Dumfries by John Jardine
NX9677 : Rhinos  at Lincluden by Phil Williams
NX9874 : Crichton Memorial Church by Chris Upson
NX9777 : Tom Train Lane, Dumfries by Richard Dorrell
NX9775 : Dumfries, view to St Michael's Church by Kevin Rae

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