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SU0061 : At the leading edge by Neil Owen
SU0061 : Water leaking from a canal lock in Devizes by Jaggery
ST9961 : Manifold Lock (no 47) and Prison Bridge by David Smith
SU0061 : Assured Mobility on the corner of Avon Terrace by David Howard
SU0161 : 2010 : A361 London Road, Devizes by Maurice Pullin
SU0162 : Esso filling station, London Road (A361), Devizes by David Smith
SU0061 : WW2 pillbox, Dyehouse Lane, Devizes by David Smith
SU0060 : 2012 : Wick Lane, Devizes by Maurice Pullin
SU0061 : Devizes features [8] by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : Parnella House, Devizes by Jaggery
SU0259 : The Long monument by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : The Market Place, Devizes c1986 by James Harrison
SU0061 : The Devizes Pyramid, Sidmouth Street, Devizes, Wiltshire (5) by Brian Robert Marshall
ST9861 : Caen Hill Locks looking west by Peter Wood
SU0259 : St James, Stert: memorial (III) by Basher Eyre
SU0262 : Guide headquarters by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : Devizes houses [11] by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : Approaching a café in Station Road by Basher Eyre
ST9861 : Houses on Bath Road, Devizes by David Howard
SU0061 : Couch Lane, Devizes by Jaggery
SU0262 : Devizes houses [62] by Michael Dibb
ST9861 : Narrow boats near the top of the Caen Hill Flight of locks by Marathon
ST9963 : Valley View [1] by Michael Dibb
SU0260 : Devizes features [28] by Michael Dibb
SU0059 : Roundway Hospital [1] by Michael Dibb
ST9860 : Past the barn by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : Corn Exchange, Devizes by Stephen Richards
SU0262 : Boats moored by Devizes Marina by Stephen McKay
SU0060 : Devizes ways [14] by Michael Dibb
ST9961 : Painted doorway on a house in Devizes by Jeremy Bolwell
ST9959 : Top of the hill by Michael Dibb
SU0261 : Footpath and barn by Michael Dibb
ST9863 : Across the field by Michael Dibb
SU0063 : Lower Park by Michael Dibb
SU0163 : Communications, Roundway by Maigheach-gheal
SU0061 : Church of St. John the Baptist, Devizes by Robin Webster
SU0162 : Hopton Industrial Estate [3] by Michael Dibb
ST9861 : Caen Hill Locks looking east by Peter Wood
SU0061 : Gargoyle, St John's Church, Devizes (2 of 4) by Brian Robert Marshall
ST9859 : 2009 : Whistley Road near Little Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST9961 : Prison Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal by Robin Webster
ST9861 : Caen Hill Locks by norman griffin
SU0161 : Back garden off London Road, Devizes by Christine Johnstone
SU0162 : Coate Bridge, Kennet and Avon Canal by Dr Neil Clifton
SU0260 : The Laurels by Michael Dibb
SU0262 : Kennet and Avon sluice gate and Leywood Bridge by Trevor Pearce-Jones
ST9862 : Footpath, Rowde by Maigheach-gheal
SU0259 : St James, Stert: churchyard (1) by Basher Eyre
SU0061 : World War II pillbox [4] by Michael Dibb
SU0062 : Lower Belvedere by Michael Dibb
SU0061 : Devizes open-air swimming pool by Chris Henley
SU0162 : Petrol station on the A361, Devizes by David Howard
SU0160 : The former Roundway Hospital by Chris Henley
SU0061 : Wadworth's Brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire by Dr Neil Clifton
SU0061 : The Brittox, Devizes, Wiltshire by Brian Robert Marshall
ST9961 : St Peter's Primary School, Devizes by Chris Henley
ST9961 : Kennet and Avon Canal Locks, Devizes by David Stowell
ST9861 : Caen Hill Flight, Lock 44 Downwards by Paul Huntley

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