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D4500 : Fields, pylons and chimneys, Islandmagee by Albert Bridge
SO8595 : Pylon View by Gordon Griffiths
SE1191 : Electricity Pylons below Rock Castle by Chris Heaton
M8909 : Pumping Station and Pylon, Cappagh, Co. Galway by JP
ST3258 : Electricity pylon on the corner of Loxton Road and Westbury Crescent, Weston-super-Mare by Jaggery
NH9744 : Line of pylons on moorland by Dorothy Carse
SH8840 : Electricity Pylon and Substation, Llyn Celyn by Jeff Buck
SD9817 : Pylons of Byron Edge by Mick Garratt
SK1099 : Electricity pylon at Woodhead by Graham Hogg
SD5599 : Pylons by the River Mint by Karl and Ali
NJ7224 : Pylons by Bill Harrison
SJ8002 : Shropshire crop fields with pylons near Boningale by Roger  Kidd
SN8609 : Electricity pylon and wind turbine, Banwen Pyrddin by Jaggery
J2165 : Pylons and power lines, Brookmount near Lisburn by Albert Bridge
H0285 : Pylons along the N15, Barnesmore Gap by David Dixon
SK7869 : Pylon in a rape field, near Normanton on Trent by Julian P Guffogg
NN7905 : Balfour Beatty working on pylons near Kinbuck by Ian S
TQ5976 : Sea Wall & High Pylon by Glyn Baker
TL6535 : Pylon And Footpath by Keith Evans
J3860 : Pylon and power lines near Saintfield (2) by Albert Bridge
J2986 : Pylons and power lines, Kingsmoss, Newtownabbey (4) by Albert Bridge
J3065 : Pylon and power lines near Lisburn (2) by Albert Bridge
N8824 : Pylon and tree by Ian Paterson
TF6022 : Electricity pylon next to the track by Mat Fascione
SO9375 : Pylons above Poolhouse Dingle by Philip Halling
SP4804 : Pylon over the field by Steve Daniels
NT4555 : Pylons on Hartside Hill by O O'Brien
NH2402 : March of the pylons by Oliver Dixon
J3389 : Pylon and wind turbines, Lisglass by Albert Bridge
SE7973 : Pylon near Eden Camp by Pauline E
SE6530 : Farm track and Pylon by Ian S
J2969 : Pylon and power lines, Dunmurry (4) by Albert Bridge
J2463 : Pylon and power lines, Lisburn (3) by Albert Bridge
NT5144 : Pylons near Threepwood by M J Richardson
SE4780 : Electricity Transmission Pylons by Mick Garratt
J2454 : Pylons and power lines, Edentrillick near Dromore (2) by Albert Bridge
J4270 : Pylon and power lines near Dundonald and Comber by Albert Bridge
SO8689 : Pylons  by Gordon Griffiths
SO3113 : Electricity pylon crossing farmland by Philip Halling
SJ2666 : Pond and Pylon by Maggie Cox
J4698 : Pylon and power lines, Kilcoan, Islandmagee (3) by Albert Bridge
TL3062 : Electricity pylon in a field by Marathon
TQ5690 : Pylons in Pages Wood by Roger Jones
SK1509 : Rape field and pylon near Huddlesford in Staffordshire by Roger  Kidd
TG1904 : Electricity Pylon next to the A47 by Geographer
NH7142 : Pylons at Bogbain by valenta
TQ0479 : Pylon by the M25 by N Chadwick
TF1938 : Bicker Electricity SubStation and Pylons by J.Hannan-Briggs
SE6327 : Sunset behind Pylon in Camblesforth Common woods. by Brian C Payne
NN4150 : The Abhainn Duibhe and a power pylon by Karl and Ali
SE8322 : Officially the dullest Geograph square in the UK. by Robin Hall
ST0984 : Electric Pylon by Peter Wasp
TA1215 : Pylon by David Wright
NS6161 : M74 extension by Scott
SP8571 : Electricity Pylon Divergence by Kokai
SK2219 : Farmland and Drakelow Power Station, near Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire by Alan Slater
SU5409 : 400 KV supergrid pylons in Botley Wood by Peter Facey
O0575 : Boyne River Bridge, M1 motorway, Co.Meath/Louth by Peter Gerken

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