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T2207 : Tuskar Rock Lighthouse by Tom Furlong
SV8009 : Peaked Rock - Isles of Scilly by Robin Quine
T1204 : Gravestone at St. Vaugh's chapel in snow by Liam Millar
NR7204 : Jetty at Sanda by Iain MacAlister
R6650 : Carrigarreely Castle by Liam
by Liam
SS1444 : East Sidelands, Lundy by Grant Sherman
SW2611 : Wolf Rock Lighthouse (2014) by J Feaver
ND2234 : New-born foal. by Fred Cleg
NW9954 : Portpatrick by David Walker
F5604 : Keem Bay, Achill Island Co. Mayo, Ireland by Mike Shinners
D2340 : Torr Head, County Antrim, NI by Paul McMichael
R5656 : Sunset over the River Shannon, Limerick, Ireland. by Richard Spearin
NJ7964 : Gardenstown-Too close for comfort!!!! by Graeme Burton
SW3822 : Seascape by Dave Pyper
ST0099 : Cwmaman and Godreaman by Bev
by Bev
NT2467 : Snowy Swanston Cottage by Stevie Wallace
N0030 : South Cross, Clonmacnois, Co. Offaly, Ireland by Rosemary Nelson
SX6069 : Nun's Cross Farm by Isaac Ogden
NH8623 : Remnants of forest after fire by Murray Ferguson
NJ4306 : Smiddyhill Farm by The Fergs