Tributaries of the River Trent

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This gallery shows a representative collection of photographs taken by Geograph contributors for the tributaries of the River Trent.

For a gallery of the River Trent see
The Staffordshire River TrentExternal link

Starting with an overview of the tributaries from the source in Staffordshire to the Humber Estuary.

Staffordshire tributaries

Fowlea Brook

The Fowlea Brook flows through Etruria to join the River Trent in Stoke-on-Trent
SJ8745 : Fowlea Brook, Stoke by Steven Birks SJ8745 : Fowlea Brook by Espresso Addict

Lyme Brook

The Lyme Brook flows from Newcastle under Lyme to Trentham
SJ8346 : Footbridge over Lyme Brook by Steve Lewin SJ8347 : Lyme Brook by Steve Lewin SJ8544 : Lyme Valley Parkway by Steve Lewin

River Sow

The River Sow with its tributaries the River Penk and Meece Brook joins the River Trent at Shugborough, Staffordshire
SJ7630 : River Sow upstream of the bridge at Blorepipe by John M SJ8827 : Gauging Station on the River Sow by John M SJ9123 : River Sow, Stafford by Simon Huguet SJ9721 : River Sow: looking downstream by Row17 SJ9922 : The Sow Joins the Trent, Shugborough, Staffs by Tim Marshall

River PenkExternal link
SJ8903 : Towards the source, River Penk by John M SJ8909 : The River Penk near Brewood, Staffordshire by Roger  Kidd SJ8910 : River Penk downstream near Engleton Mill by John M

Meece Brook
SJ8333 : Meece Brook, Millmeece by Simon Huguet SJ8630 : Meece Brook upstream at Norton Bridge by John M

River Blithe

The River Blithe joins the River Trent at King’s Bromley, Staffordshire
SJ9838 : River Blithe Near Lower Newton Farm by Geoff Pick SK0427 : River Blithe by Geoff Pick SK1018 : River Blithe south of Hamstall Ridware by Graham Taylor

River Swarbourn

The River Swarbourn joins the River Trent north of Alrewas
SK1321 : River Swarbourn, Woodmill by Geoff Pick SK1420 : River Swarbourn upstream of Woodlane Bridge by John M SK1615 : The River Swarbourn, Alrewas by Humphrey Bolton

River Tame

The River TameExternal link with its tributaries the River Rea, River Blythe and River Anker joins the River Trent east of Alrewas, Staffordshire
SO9898 : River Tame near Bentley Road by John M SP0195 : River Tame at Tame Bridge by John Leeming SP1290 : River Tame and Overflow Channel by John M SK2003 : Lady Bridge and weir on River Tame by Peter Thornton SK1813 : Salter's Bridge by Eric Harlow

River ReaExternal link
SO9778 : Notice Board at Source of River Rea. by Roy Hughes SO9978 : River Rea Just before it Passes Under Rubery Lane. by Roy Hughes SP0479 : River Rea With Small Brook Joining From Right by Roy Hughes SP0785 : River Rea From Balsall Heath Road by Roy Hughes SP0989 : River Rea passes Star City, Birmingham by Roy Hughes

River Blythe
SP1977 : Ford on Elvers Green Lane by David Stowell SP2077 : Barston Ford on the River Blythe by Graham Taylor SP1678 : Sluices by David Stowell SP2181 : Patrick Bridge by Simon Jobson SP2183 : The River Blythe by John Evans

River Anker
SP3396 : The River Anker by Stuart Shepherd SP3297 : Witherley Church by Andy and Hilary SP3099 : Alders Mill by Andy and Hilary SK2103 : Anker River passing next to the Odeon Cinema  (1) by Chris' Buet SK2003 : Lady Bridge, Tamworth by Humphrey Bolton

River Mease

The River Mease joins the River Trent at Croxhall
SK3308 : River Mease by Alan Murray-Rust SK2511 : The River Mease near Clifton Campville by Jonathan Clitheroe SK2411 : Swans on the River Mease by Mark Walton SK1912 : River Mease by John Poyser SK1913 : River Meadows by Michael Patterson


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