Geo-Trips :: A day out with Spey

Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals

A boat trip from Macclesfield, Tue, 15 Sep 2009 by Alan Murray-Rust

'Spey' is a former Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd oil tanker, now privately owned.

It retains its original Bolinder diesel engine, the slow beat of which is ideally attuned to the leisurely progress of a narrow boat. The boat had been working its way back from further south and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join it for a day.

A chance to get some views slightly different from those which can be taken from the towpath, ending up at the splendid Navigation at Bugsworth Basin for a meal and real ale.

On the map below, the grey line is the GPS track from this trip. Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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SJ9275 : Industrial Macclesfield by Alan Murray-Rust
Industrial Macclesfield
Not obvious in this view, but on the other side of the hedge to the left is the... more

SJ9275 : Bridge 30 by Alan Murray-Rust
Bridge 30
On the Macclesfield Canal between Macclesfield and Bollington.

SJ9276 : Macclesfield Canal Milestone by Alan Murray-Rust
Macclesfield Canal Milestone
This is one of the few which has not had the placenames defaced (see [[1500229]]).... more

SJ9276 : Turnover bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
Turnover bridge
This allowed the Towpath to be changed from one side of the canal to the other... more

SJ9376 : Kerridge boatyard by Alan Murray-Rust
Kerridge boatyard
This was originally a wharf where a tramroad came down from Kerridge Hill behind.

SJ9277 : Passing Adelphi Mill by Alan Murray-Rust
Passing Adelphi Mill
The approaching boat is one of the few still operating commercially on the canal.... more

SJ9277 : Adelphi Mill, Bollington by Alan Murray-Rust
Adelphi Mill, Bollington
For more information about this mill, see [[568130]]. The part of the building... more

SJ9377 : Bollington wharf by Alan Murray-Rust
Bollington wharf
Providing facilities for boaters as well as boat hire.

SJ9377 : Bollington Aqueduct by Alan Murray-Rust
Bollington Aqueduct
The Macclesfield Canal crosses the River Dean and Palmerston Street (the B5090) at... more

SJ9377 : Sawmill at Bollington by Alan Murray-Rust
Sawmill at Bollington
A long-standing small business alongside the canal.

SJ9378 : The approach to Clarence Mill by Alan Murray-Rust
The approach to Clarence Mill
Being on a boat allows a different perspective even compared with the towpath.

SJ9378 : Bridge 26A by Alan Murray-Rust
Bridge 26A
This footbridge at Clarence Mill has been very recently erected - compare with... more

SJ9278 : From M????? 3 Miles by Alan Murray-Rust
From M????? 3 Miles
The defacing of the milestones along the Macclesfield Canal was an act of official... more

SJ9278 : From Hole House Lane Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
From Hole House Lane Bridge
The Macclesfield Canal north of Bollington.

SJ9279 : Spey' at bridge 23 by Alan Murray-Rust
Spey' at bridge 23
On the Macclesfield Canal near Bollington. 'Spey' is a former Thomas Clayton... more

SJ9481 : Lengthsman's cottage by Alan Murray-Rust
Lengthsman's cottage
This cottage was provided by the Canal Company for the person responsible for the... more

SJ9481 : Old mine shaft by Alan Murray-Rust
Old mine shaft
This area was full of small coal mines dating back the seventeenth century.... more

SJ9483 : Approaching Lyme Road Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
Approaching Lyme Road Bridge
On the Macclesfield Canal near Higher Poynton. Along this section of the canal the... more

SJ9483 : Lord Vernon's Wharf by Alan Murray-Rust
Lord Vernon's Wharf
Originally built to serve His Lordship's coal mines in the area now a small... more

SJ9585 : High Lane Arm by Alan Murray-Rust
High Lane Arm
This served a wharf adjacent to the main Buxton Road, as well as a short branch to... more

SJ9585 : High Lane Arm bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
High Lane Arm bridge
The bridge carries the towpath across the arm of the canal down to High Lane Wharf.

SJ9485 : High Lane Cricket Club by Alan Murray-Rust
High Lane Cricket Club
Alongside the Macclesfield Canal.

SJ9485 : High Lane Arm by Alan Murray-Rust
High Lane Arm
A feature of the arm is the survival of boathouses, dating back to before the... more

SJ9585 : At High Lane by Alan Murray-Rust
At High Lane
The Bull's Head is conveniently situated for passing trade on both the main road... more

SJ9587 : Goyt Mill, Marple by Alan Murray-Rust
Goyt Mill, Marple
This mill continued to use the canal for transport until the 1960s.

SJ9587 : Goyt Mill, Marple by Alan Murray-Rust
Goyt Mill, Marple
The water tower at the northwest corner of the mill, showing the unmistakeable... more

SJ9587 : Goyt Mill, Marple by Alan Murray-Rust
Goyt Mill, Marple
This monochrome view taken from a former working narrowboat has an almost timeless... more

SJ9688 : Stop lock, Marple by Alan Murray-Rust
Stop lock, Marple
At the entrance to the Macclesfield Canal. When there were two separate canal... more

SJ9688 : Marple Wharf by Alan Murray-Rust
Marple Wharf
The warehouse, stop lock and basin of the Macclesfield Canal.

SJ9688 : Church Lane, Marple by Alan Murray-Rust
Church Lane, Marple
At the junction of Brickbridge Lane, with All Saints Primary School to the left.

SJ9688 : Houses at Marple Top Lock by Alan Murray-Rust
Houses at Marple Top Lock
An attractive location overlooking the canal junction.

SJ9686 : Bridge 22, Peak Forest Canal by Alan Murray-Rust
Bridge 22, Peak Forest Canal
One of a pair of lifting bridges on this section of the canal; it serves a farm... more

SJ9984 : Brunswick Mill, Newtown by Alan Murray-Rust
Brunswick Mill, Newtown
The home of Swizzells Matlow, maker of childhood favourites such as refreshers and... more

SK0084 : New Mills Viaduct by Alan Murray-Rust
New Mills Viaduct
On the former Midland Railway main line into Manchester.

SK0083 : Furness Vale marina by Alan Murray-Rust
Furness Vale marina
This simply did not exist the last time I came along this canal in 1980.

SK0083 : Lake View cottages by Alan Murray-Rust
Lake View cottages
These were presumably built for workers at the mill just below; the name refers to... more

SK0083 : Station Road bridge, Furness Vale by Alan Murray-Rust
Station Road bridge, Furness Vale
This would have replaced a more traditional bridge when loads became heavier with... more

SK0181 : Winding at Whaley Bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
Winding at Whaley Bridge
Turning a 70ft narrow boat in a confined space is an interesting manoeuvre. The... more

SK0181 : Whaley Bridge basin by Alan Murray-Rust
Whaley Bridge basin
The narrow boat 'Spey' is being turned or 'winded'. In the background is the... more

SK0182 : Bugsworth Branch junction by Alan Murray-Rust
Bugsworth Branch junction
The narrow boat 'Spey' has just turned into the branch, coming from Whaley Bridge.

SK0282 : 'Spey' at Bugsworth by Alan Murray-Rust
'Spey' at Bugsworth
This was the first occasion that 'Spey' had been brought up to this iconic... more

SK0282 : Sunset at Bugsworth by Alan Murray-Rust
Sunset at Bugsworth
A view through the bridge between the Upper and Middle Basins.

SK0282 : Bugsworth Middle Basin by Alan Murray-Rust
Bugsworth Middle Basin
Seen at sunset from the Station Road bridge.

SK0282 : Station Road bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
Station Road bridge
The last rays of the sun illuminate the stonework of the underside of the arch.

SK0282 : The Navigation, Bugsworth Basin by Alan Murray-Rust
The Navigation, Bugsworth Basin
Built to serve workers at the canal basin, it is still a popular venue. Some of... more

All images © Alan Murray-Rust and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.